Do you want to rent a painter or carpenter? If you don’t want to waste time painting, let us take care of it!

Paint and wallpaper

We have painters and take on interior paint and wallpaper projects.

We can help advise on color choices based on what style of expression the customer wants. Do you want to paint the living room, bedroom or hallway? We do everything within interior painting. When quality & service counts, we are efficient and do the assignments at the right price and at the agreed time. We can also help you with external painting jobs.

Carpenter for small building projects

We have a carpenter who can help you build a terrace, railings, superstructures, or any roof to the porch or terrace.

Think about what you are allowed to build on your site. If the terrace is more than half a meter above the terrain, it is considered as part of a built-up area. Cu-impregnated materials are the most affordable alternative for terraces. It requires more maintenance, but if you use a terrace wash and terrace oil it will last for many years. The most expensive variants give you a completely maintenance-free floor with extra long life.



Part staircase rebuild and painting of disused room in large old family home.