Collaborate with our product designer to get a bespoke piece of furniture.

Production of furniture

  • We produce furniture in solid wood, veneer or painted MDF-plates.
  • We repair and renovate old furniture.
  • We provide qualified advice on how your furniture should be treated in order not to lose its identity, and we give price estimates at work for free.
  • We reupholster chairs with contemporary fabric.

Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture by measure and shape of the room


Is the room ready to be measured? Before measuring for a a customized wardrobe solution, floors, ceilings and walls must be finished.

Tailored wardrobes and shelves

We tailor wardrobes, shelves and kitchen cabinets for you. Corners, sloping walls and sloping ceilings is not a problem. We take on projects for all rooms and areas in the house.