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Driving directions

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From Oslo

1a. Take the E18 / E6, drive 21 km towards Stockholm! You’ll pass by Tusenfryd.
1b Exit E6, follow E18 towards Stockholm 21 km.
2. Turn right at the roundabout and drive 14 km on the highway (E-18 direction Stockholm.)
3a. Exit the motorway at the exit “Rakkestad (riksväg) 124”. Drive 8 km towards Rakkestad.
4a. Pass Eidsberg Church (located opposite the road-right side) continue 1 km further towards Rakkestad.
5a. Turn left to Eidsberg station, drive 3.5 km to the station.
6a. Drive through the railway underpass and continue for 1 km.
7a. Turn right at our company sign, drive 300 meters ahead!

From Moss

1b. Take Highway 120, drive 29 km to Elvestad
2b. Take the E18 to the right, drive about 4 km and go to point 2a above.

From Halden

1c. Take highway 22, drive 36 km to Rakkestad.
2c. Turn right, continue road 22, drive 12 km towards Mysen.
3c. At Trømborg Sag & amp; Planing turn left towards Eidsberg st.
4c. Drive 3km towards the station, turn left at our company sign, drive 300 meters in front!

From Lillestrøm

1e. Take Highway 22, drive 55 miles to Mysen.
2e. Continue 7 km on highway 22 towards Halden.
3e. Turn right, drive 3 km towards Eidsberg station.
4e. Turn left at the company sign, drive 300 m-front!

From Fredrikstad (Sarpsborg)

1d. Drive to Sarpsborg.
2d. Take Highway 111, drive 18 km to Rakkestad.
3d. Continue 12 km straight on road 22 towards Mysen
4d. Go to point 3c above!