TreGlede was established in 1996 and is a small family-run carpentry workshop, located on Funderud gård in Eidsberg.

A small carpentry workshop

Edwin works with us as a cabinetmaker, restorer and furniture designer. Anne Brit is the managing director of the company. TreGlede is a small furniture company that produces specially crafted woodwork such as shelves, chairs and tables, beds, art and stage décor and other wooden constructions for both individuals and businesses. Our experienced cabinetmaker has a good handmanship and is solution-oriented. Do you have a dream or a wish for a very special piece of furniture? Contact us to get it visualized in 3D together with a price quote.

We provide

Repair, maintenance and renovation of antiquarian and newer furniture. We replace broken wood material, surface treating with oil, paint or varnish. Protects the furniture’s antiquarian expressions and value of use in the furniture after consultation with the customers and according to our recommendations.


Product designer, artist and cabinetmaker


  • Long experience in tailor-made furniture design, mostly private comissions, constructions and installations.
  • Construction of design sets for various fashion shows in the UK and abroad, collaborated with designers to improve clothing collection – Sculpture, prop-making and construction for a number of theaters, movie companies and television companies.
  • Good skills with a wide range of materials, especially timber, clay, fiberglass, polystyrene and metal.

Featured projects

Design and construction of custom-made furniture (mostly in London and the Green Belt), includes almost 100 wardrobes, mezzanines, custom stairs, bookshelves, shelves, beds, dining table and chairs. Mostly works with birch plywood, wood from pinales, MDF, fine-tuned MDF and hardwood. Design and construction of a member bar in Hoxton, London, N1. This 6 month renovation project included a pre-planned design phase. The project consisted of a bar, upholstered seating, DJ chamber, lighting design and layout, overall color combination, paint and decoration. Completed January 2013.